August 05, 2014

Red River Stallion: Guest Review 2

by Troon Harrison
304 pp.
Ages 10-14

Dear Troon Harrison,

    First of all, I just wanted to say that your book was awesome! I really enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. It held my attention throughout the whole book, and that’s saying something, because I like novels that are exciting, and your’s fit the bill! I am an extremely soft-hearted person, and I felt so bad for Amelia and her beloved family, especially when the letter from Amelia’s father was hidden, and the family had thought that he had abandoned them.
    Throughout the book, I was able to connect to many of Amelia and Charlotte’s experiences. I can remember as a younger girl being so captivated of a gorgeous horse, and not being able to look away, just like Amelia when she saw Foxfire. I also can remember being so desperate to have a guide that I would look in the rarest spots, just as Amelia looked for her pawaken. By the end of the book, I can infer that Amelia realized that she didn’t need a pawaken, and that she was strong enough to face her own problems.
    Out of ten, I would rate your book a 9 because it was very exciting and I wanted the book to go on and on forever. One slight area that was not as enjoyable for me was how I had to reread some sections over and over before they made sense. Overall though, I loved your book and I beg you to write another one about Amelia and Charlotte’s adventures by the Red River with their beloved father and Foxfire.


Grace D
Age 12

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