August 26, 2014

Word on the Street 2014: Kitchener, Toronto, Halifax

In addition to the two western communities promoted earlier, Word On The Street, the annual celebration of literacy and the written word, will take place in Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax. 

Below, I've outlined the basics about the Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax WOTS, including listing of children's and young adult authors and illustrators scheduled to appear.  Check the website of the specific WOTS to determine how each author will participate in Word On The Street. Regardless, the list of youngCanLit authors and illustrators is mind-blowing! I truly hope you are near enough to attend one of these festivals.  Go YoungCanLit!

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Date:     Saturday, September 20, 2014
Time:     11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Location:    Kitchener City Hall

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Lesley Livingston, children's and YA author of Wondrous Strange, DescendantNow and for Never and How to Curse in Hieroglyphics
  • Caroline Pignatchildren's and YA author of UnspeakableEgghead, and Greener Grass
  • Eve Silver, YA author of Rush and Push

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Date:    Sunday September 21, 2014
Times:    11 am - 6 pm
Location:    Queen's Park Circle

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Helaine Becker, children's and middle-grade fiction and non-fiction author of upcoming Dirk Daring Secret Agent,  A Porcupine in a Pine Tree, How to Survive Absolutely Everything, and Ode to Underwear
  • Andrea Beck, author-illustrator of Goodnight, Canada, Pierre in the Air!, and the Elliot Moose series
  • William Bell, author of YA books Fanatics, Stones, Zack and Only in the Movies
  • Sangeeta Bhadra, author of upcoming picture book Sam's Pet Temper
  • Megan Crewe, YA author of upcoming Earth & Sky, and dystopian The Worlds We MakeThe Way We Fall and The Lives We Lost
  • Laura Croza, picture book author of From There to Here and I Know Here
  • Claudia Dávila, author-illustrator of Super Red Riding Hood and graphic novel Luz Sees the Light, and illustrator of Viminy Crow's Comic Book
  • Rachelle Delaney, author of The Circus Dogs of Prague and The Metro Dogs of Moscow
  • Cary Fagan, children's fiction author of The Show to End All Shows, I Wish I Could Draw, Oy Feh So?Mr. Zinger's Hat and The Fortress of Kaspar Snit
  • Gail Gallant, author of YA Apparition
  • Jennifer Gold, author of YA Soldier Doll
  • Matt James, illustrator of Northwest Passage, From There to Here, and I Know Here
  • Lynne Kositsky, YA author of upcoming With Fearful Bravery, The Plagues of Kondor, and Minerva's Voyage
  • Julie Kraulis, picture book author and illustrator of Whimsy's Heavy Things
  • Kat Kruger, author of paranormal YA The Night is Found, The Night Has Teeth, and The Night Has Claws
  • Lucy Leiderman, author of YA fantasy Lives of Kings and Lives of Magic
  • Lesley Livingston, author of Now and For Never, Descendant, Wondrous Strange, and co-author of How to Curse in Hieroglyphics and upcoming The Haunting of Heck House
  • Jonathan Llyr, co-author of How to Curse in Hieroglyphics and upcoming The Haunting of Heck House
  • Elizabeth Macleod, children's non-fiction author of Bunny the Brave War Horse, Why Do Horses Have Manes?A History of Just About Everything and Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History's Mysteries
  • Brian McLachlin, comic creator of Alex & Charlie
  • Angela Misri, YA mystery author of Jewel of the Thames
  • Melanie Mosher, picture book author of Fire Pie Trout
  • Kenneth Oppel, author of The Boundless, Such Wicked Intent, This Dark Endeavour, Silverwing, Airborn
  • Stella Parthenious Grasso, children's author of 101 Creepy Canadian Jokes and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Puck
  • Karen Patkau, illustrator of picture books A Good Trade and One Watermelon Seed, and author-illustrator of non-fiction books Who Needs a Reef?: A Coral Ecosystem and Creatures Great and Small
  • Shane Peacock, author of Double You, Last Message and The Boy Sherlock Holmes series
  • Caroline Pignat, author of Speakable, Egghead, and Greener Grass
  • Emily Pohl-Weary, author of YA Not Your Ordinary Wolf-Girl
  • Robert Priest, YA author of The Paper Sword and The Old Pirate of Central Park
  • Michael Redhill, author of Saving Houdini 
  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi, illustrator of Naked! and I'm Bored
  • Richard Scarsbrook, YA author of The Monkey Chronicles and Nothing Man and the Purple Zero
  • Richard Scrimger, author of upcoming The Wolf and Me, Zomboy, Ink Me, co-author of Viminy Crowe's Comic Book
  • Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, children's author of Dance of the Banished, The Best Gifts, Underground Soldier, and Making Bombs for Hitler
  • Ted Staunton, children's and YA fiction author of upcoming CodaJump Cut, Who I'm Not and Acting Up
  • Joel A. Sutherland, author of scary story collection Haunted Canada 4: More True Tales of Terrors
  • Suzanne Sutherland, author of YA When We Were Good, and Something Wiki
  • David Weale, picture book author of Doors in the Air, Three Tall Trees and True Meaning of Crumbfest

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Date:     Sunday September 21, 2014
Time:    11 am - 5 pm
Location:    Halifax waterfront, around the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • David Atkinson, children's author of upcoming Wereduck
  • Jill Barber, singer-author of Music is For Everyone
  • Janet E. Cameron, YA author of  Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World
  • Lesley ChoyceYA author of upcoming Into the Wasteland, Jeremy Stone, Crash and Rat
  • George Elliott Clarke, poet-author of Lasso the Wind: Aurelia's Verses and Other Poems 
  • Jan L. Coates, author of Rocket Man, The Power of Harmony
  • Lennise Gallant, songwriter-author of Peter's Dream and A Day With You in Paradise
  • Jacqueline Halsey, author of Bluenose Adventure
  • Lisa Harrington, YA author of Twisted and Live to Tell
  • Faith Erin Hicks, graphic artist of The Sound of Thunder and graphic novelist of Friends with Boys
  • Kate Inglis, children's author of Flight of the Griffons and The Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods
  • Jessica Scott Kerrin, children's author of The Spotted Dog Last Seen
  • Meghan Marentette, children's author of The Stowaways
  • George Murray, author-illustrator of Wow Wow and Haw Haw
  • Neil Pasricha, author of The Book of Awesome
  • Natalie Corbett Sampson, author of young adult romance Game Plan

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If there are any errors in this posting, they are completely my own. Please check the Word On The Street websites provided to confirm details.

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