August 26, 2014

Word on the Street 2014: Lethbridge, Saskatoon

Across Canada, five communities are planning their WOTS days.  If you see "WOTS" in Twitter, Twitterers are talking about Word On The Street, an annual celebration of literacy and the written word.  Usually held in late September, readers and writers come together to share their love of books and magazines, participate in workshops, readings, and check out the CanLit book buyer's nirvana of marketplaces. 

Details about WOTS in Lethbridge and Saskatoon follow here, with a listing of youngCanLit authors who are scheduled to attend.  I'll post about the other three WOTS directly.

Date:   Sunday September 21, 2014
Time:   11 am - 5 pm
Location:  Main Library at 5th Ave. S. and 8th St. S.

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Karen Bass, author of Graffiti Knight and Drummer Girl
  • Erin Bow, children's author of Sorrow's Knot and Plain Kate
  • Jacqueline Guest, children's author of Ghost Messages, Outcast of River Falls and Belle of Batoche
  • Carrie Mac, author of young adult The Opposite of Tidy, The Gryphon Project and The Droughtlanders
  • Michelle Mulder, fiction and non-fiction author of Every Last Drop: Bringing Clean Water Home, Not a Chance and Out of the Box
  • Ruth Ohi, author and illustrator of Fox and Squirrel, Kenta and the Big Wave, and Chicken Pig Cow
  • Morgan Rhodes, author of young adult fantasy Falling Kingdoms and Rebel Spring
  • Martin Springett, author of illustrated non-fiction Kate and Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story

WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS

Date:    Sunday September 21, 2014
Time:    11 am - 5 pm 
Location:    Civic Square around City Hall, in front of Frances Morrison Library

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Kelley Armstrong, children's and YA author of Odin's Ravens, Loki's Wolves, The Gathering, The Awakening, The Calling, The Reckoning
  • Brenda Baker, YA author of Camp Outlook
  • Deborah Ellis, author of newest The Cat at the Wall, Looks Like Daylight, The Breadwinner, I Am a Taxi
  • Beth Goobie, author of young adult The Throne, Jason's Why and Born Ugly
  • Alice Kuipers, author of  upcoming children's book Violet and Victor Write the Best Ever Bookworm Book, and young adult 40 Things I Want to Tell You and The Worst Thing She Ever Did
  • Marion Mutala, author of A Magical Ukrainian Christmas
  • Martine Noel-Maw, auteur de Le 13e Souhait
  • Barbara Reid, plasticene illustrator of new The Night Before Christmas; also Perfect Snow, Fox Walked Alone
  • Shannon Richards, author of cookbook Monkeys in the Kitchen
  • Carey Rigby-Wilcox, author of My Dad Couldn't Read
  • Arthur Slade, children's and YA author of the Hunchback Assignments series, Dust, and Megiddo's Shadow
  • Edward Willet, author of Song of the Sword and Twist of the Blade of The Shards of Excalibur fantasy series

WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS

If there are any errors in this posting, they are completely my own. Please check the Word On The Street websites provided to confirm details.

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