July 21, 2019

Still More YoungCanLit Illustrators: List IV

In 2013, 2015 and 2017,  I prepared lists of Canadian illustrators whose artwork featured prominently in books for children.  In nine lists over three years, I covered over 150 artists.  But there are more and more every day. Some I've missed (how did I miss Jan Thornhill?) and some who are new to illustrating books for young people. Here's hoping this makes my ever-growing Who's Who of Canadian illustrators more complete. I should note that, although there are artists whose work has been used to illustrate one or more picture books, notably William Kurelek, Robert Bateman and Carol Evans, I have not included them here. Instead I've chosen to emphasize those who have been commissioned to create original artwork for picture books.

If you're interested in the illustrators previously recognized, here are their names with the links to the posts:

LIST I (2013)
Illustrators A-G
Illustrators H-Q
Illustrators R-Z

In this fourth listing, the following illustrators will have their works showcased:

Illustrators A-G
Danielle Arbour
Astrid Arijanto
Roxanna Bikadoroff
Valérie Boivin
David Buist
Tamara Campeau
Janine Carrington
Alice Carter
Aidan Cassie
Mathilde Cinq-Mars
Pierre Collet-Derby
Peggy Collins
Lil Crump
Derek Desierto
Byron Eggenschwiler
Chris Ferrie
Toma Feizo Gas
Thomas Gibault
Stephanie Graegin
List here

Illustrators H-Q
Karen Hibbard
Faith Erin Hicks
Scott B. Henderson
Janet Hill
Kelly Hill
Loraine Kemp
Soyeon Kim
Torill Kove
Lenny Lishchenko
John Mantha
José Masse
Nina Matsumoto
Joe Morse
Olivia Chin Mueller
Caitlin Dale Nicholson
Guillaume Perreault
Emma Pedersen
Jennifer Phelan
List here

Illustrators R-Z
Kass Reich
Richard Rudnicki
Kari Rust
Drew Shannon
Kim Smith
Lori Joy Smith
Jan Thornhill
Veselina Tomova
Noel Tuazon
Geraldo Valério
Roy Henry Vickers
Joe Weissmann
Britt Wilson
List here

These three new lists of the Still More YoungCanLit Illustrators follow over the next three days.


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