August 30, 2017

YoungCanLit Who's Who: Illustrators R-Z, List III

Here's my final list of Canadian illustrators of children's books.  With today's ten names, that makes a total of 150 illustrators over nine posts, three in 2013, three in 2015 and the current List III. I hope you can appreciate the diversity and skill of art enhancing children's books today and over time and with so much of it from Canadians, those who were born here or chose to live here.  It's extraordinary, as are their contributions to youngCanLit and international stories.  👏👏👏

Peter H. Reynolds

Scot Ritchie

Amanda Sandland

Ben Shannon

Esmé Shapiro

Carey Sookocheff

Tamara Thiebaux Heikalo

Sue Todd

Marie-Ève Tremblay

Werner Zimmerman

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