August 28, 2017

YoungCanLit Who's Who: Illustrators A-G, List III

It's surprising that, although I tried to divvy up the following three lists of Canadian illustrators, this first one, of artists whose surnames begin with letters A through G, is extraordinarily long, almost twice the length of each of the following.  So, let's dispatch with the formalities and another introduction and go for it.  

Tara Anderson

Marion Arbona

Germaine Arnaktauyok

Cale Atkinson

Ashley Barron

Christine Battuz

Eva Campbell

Danny Christopher

Charlene Chua

Lisa Cinar

Tyler Clark Burke

Kelly Collier

Paul Covello

Danielle Daniel

Willow Dawson

Lori Doody

Darka Erdelji

Banafsheh Erfanian

Eric Fan and Terry Fan (a.k.a. The Fan Brothers)

Marilyn Faucher

Marianne Ferrer

Helen Flook

Carolyn Gan

Manon Gauthier

Phoebe Gilman

Doretta Groenendyk

Just a reminder that the previous lists for illustrators with surnames beginning with letters A to G can be found at the following links:

Illustrators A-G List I
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