April 09, 2013

YoungCanLit's Who's Who: Illustrators A to G

If you've been reading this blog over the last year and a half, you'll know that I've reviewed many picture books, but few illustrators have been reviewed repeatedly.  That's because we have an incredible wealth of wonderful artists whose work is regularly selected to enhance the delightful stories of our youngCanLit authors.  I thought readers might enjoy an opportunity to examine some of the work of Canada's most prominent illustrators.  So, in a series of 3 posts, I'll display a few exemplary pieces of each illustrator's art.

Just as it becomes easier to recognize the writing style of favourite authors, I'm hoping to familiarize readers of youngCanLit with the styles of these illustrators.  While some artists have a variety of artistic styles, the work of other illustrators is easily recognizable, regardless of the author of the text.  For example, my young readers believe that they can recognize Robert Munsch books before they can read.  But it's actually Michael Martchenko's work that they recognize.  More than a few have been deceived into believing that works by Allen Morgan, Loris Lesynski and Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch are actually that of Robert Munsch solely on their familiarity with Michael Martchenko's illustrations.

So, please allow me to present to you my first post of youngCanLit illustrators.

Isabelle Arsenault

Andrea Beck

Philippe Béha

Rebecca Bender

Renné Benoit

Rachel Berman

Sean Cassidy

Brenda Clark

Gary Clement 

Geneviève Côté

Mike Deas

Brian Deines

Suzanne Del Rizzo

Jan Dolby

Marianne Dubuc

Wallace Edwards

Eugenie Fernandes

Marie-Louise Gay

Georgia Graham

Dean Griffiths

Apologies to those artists who I may have inadvertently omitted.  I selected 50 illustrators with whom I was familiar, and still found more with suggestions from others.  If you would like to recommend another name, please leave a comment. Thank you.

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