July 28, 2015

YoungCanLit Who's Who: Illustrators R-Z, List II

This final list of youngCanLit illustrators will round out our lists nicely to 100+!

Erica Salcedo


Roslyn Schwartz

Alan Silberberg

Sleepless Kao

Lisa Smith

Sydney Smith

Caroline Stellings

Todd Stewart

Jillian Tamaki

Christine Tripp

Anne Villeneuve

Frank Viva

Ange Zhang

Amei Zhao

So ends this sixth list of illustrators of youngCanLit.  I've included the artwork of some of their non-youngCanLit as well when I thought it would be worthwhile for readers to make the connection between artwork and artist.  Suffice it to say that the richness of illustrators and their works is immense and I could not do justice to that wealth.  I suspect that I will need to refresh these lists again in a few years.  But for now I hope this Who's Who of youngCanLit illustrators is enough to entertain and educate everyone a little.

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