July 24, 2015

More youngCanLit illustrators to celebrate

Several years ago I prepared three lists of 50+ Canadian illustrators whose artwork featured prominently in young CanLit.  But now I've got so many more to add this Who's Who of Canadian illustrators. So let me remedy those omissions with a new series of illustrator profiles.

Here are the names of those illustrators I previously listed, including the links so that you can reexamine their work.

Illustrators A-G
Isabelle Arsenault
Andrea Beck
Philippe Béha
Rebecca Bender
Renné Benoit
Rachel Berman
Sean Cassidy
Brenda Clark
Gary Clement
Geneviève Côté
Mike Deas
Brian Deines
Suzanne Del Rizzo
Jan Dolby
Marianne Dubuc
Wallace Edwards
Eugenie Fernandes
Marie-Louise Gay
Georgia Graham
Dean Griffiths

Illustrators H-Q
Ted Harrison
Linda Hendry
Stéphane Jorisch
Vladyana Krykorka
Kim LaFave
Marie LaFrance
Hilary Leung
Qin Leng
George Littlechild
Michael Martchenko
Esperança Melo
Julie Morstad
Cynthia Nugent
Ruth Ohi
David Parkins
Karen Patkau
Dušan Petričić
Stéphane Poulin

Illustrators R-Z
Karen Reczuch
Barbara Reid
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Bill Slavin
Ashley Spires
Bruno St. Aubin
Patricia Storms
Kevin Sylvester
Jeremy Tankard
François Thisdale
Chris Tougas
Vlasta Van Kampen
Ian Wallace
Mélanie Watt
Dave Whamond
Janet Wilson
Cybèle Young

In the next 3 posts, let me introduce you to another 45 that will round out our youngCanLit illustrators list to a lovely 100 plus! Some of these are very new to illustration while others are well-known and definitely belong in a listing of the best of youngCanLit illustrators. Prepare to be amazed!

Illustrators A-G, List II
Andrea Torrey Balsara
Kate Beaton
Josée Bisaillon    
Mike Boldt
Claudia Dávila
Geneviève Després
Julie Flett
Alma Fullerton
Celia Godkin
Elise Gravel
Gabrielle Grimard
Per-Henrik Gürth

Illustrators H-Q, List II
Kellen Hatanka
Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli
Matt James
Brooke Kerrigan
Dayal Kaur Khalsa
Jon Klassen
Julie Kraulis
Eliska Liska
Mike Lowery
J. Lum
Elly Mackay
Patsy MacKinnon
Isabelle Malenfant
Cyndi Marko
Luc Melanson
Nicholas Oldland
Paola Opal
Pierre Pratt

Illustrators R-Z, List II
Erica Salcedo
Roslyn Schwartz
Alan Silberberg
Sleepless Kao
Lisa Smith
Sydney Smith
Caroline Stellings
Todd Stewart
Jillian Tamaki
Christine Tripp
Anne Villeneuve
Frank Viva
Ange Zhang
Amei Zhao

As always, any omissions or mistakes are solely my own and never meant to exclude or offend.  I have far too much respect for these talented artists to do anything but admire and promote.

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