July 03, 2014

The White Oneida: Guest Review 1

by Jean Rae Baxter 
Ronsdale Press
280 pp.
Ages 10-14
For release September 2014

The White Oneida, by Jean Rae Baxter, was an amazing book! Set during the 1700’s, the protagonist’s name is Broken Trail. Broken Trail was born white, but when he was 10, he was kidnapped by the Oneida tribe. He grew up appreciating their culture and ways of life, and wouldn’t want to live any other way. Then, he meets a powerful man named Joseph Brant, who wants to unite all of the tribes and help them learn together. He sends Broken Trail to school because he thinks that will help him with his mission.

Broken Trail meets an aboriginal girl named Margaret, who wants to help him unite the tribes. His first move is to combine the tribes in the school lacrosse games, which makes a big difference within the school. Broken Trail is a huge influence on many students, including Christians. During his stay at the school, he busts a teacher, saves a professor and a student from dying, and befriends many people. The story continues, but you must read the book to find out what happens next…

From this book, I learned many things about history, a subject I can’t wait to study in grade seven. There were many conflicts between white and Aboriginal peoples, though some respected most people. Many First Nations were being given a horrible reputation by scholars, and Broken Trail had to sit through this torture.

Whether you’re reading this book on the way to a soccer game, as I was, or curling up with it before bed, I can guarantee that you will love and thoroughly enjoy this book, and be begging for more. Even though I hadn’t read the first book, everything was clearly and beautifully explained, and I didn’t get lost once! Enjoy your reading! :)

Grace D., Age 12

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