July 04, 2014

The White Oneida: Guest Review 2

by Jean Rae Baxter 
Ronsdale Press
280 pp.
Ages 10-14
For release September 2014

(Niki, if you're reading this, I can't locate your review! If you can share it with me again, please do.  It was fabulous, and I know Jean Rae Baxter would like to read it.)

Yes, it would seem that I have misplaced the second guest review of Jean Rae Baxter's The White Oneida.  I know that it was an outstanding review, as I do have my students's comment which she added when she returned the book.
As soon as I have it, I will repost it here and update everything.  Apologies to the author, the reviewer and my readers. Mea culpa.

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