July 08, 2014

The Night is Found: Blog Tour begins

Let the Blog Tour begin!

by Kat Kruger
Fierce Ink Press
978-1-927746-59-2 (epub)
978-1-927746-60-8 (Kindle)
301 pp.
Ages 14+
For release July 22, 2014
Reviewed from eARC

Being lost can be so much more than not knowing your location.  It can be the confusion that comes with new knowledge or revelations, and Connor Lewis' learning that he is a werewolf would be reason enough to feel lost and out of touch. For a kid, almost eighteen, going from geeky gamer to werewolf and now to pack leader and target of the Luparii (werewolf hunters), Connor needs a lot of finding to happen.

When Rodolfus de Aquila a.k.a. Roul, pack leader and owner of Fenrir Pharmaceuticals, chose to take a bullet meant for Connor, he gave the young man the task of bringing together the packs of Europe.  With the Luparii in possession of Wolf's Bane, a bio-weapon cure against lycanthropy produced by Henri Boguet, and with the Hounds of God led by magistrate Breber aiming to kill off werewolves, Connor needs to determine how best to organize the packs quickly. To that end, Connor and Amara travel to New York City to learn from the werewolves who'd left the Old World in the 1600's to avoid persecution and were rumoured to have become unified.  Meanwhile, Arden is tasked with visiting other packs and warning them of the Luparii and inviting them to Paris to witness their damaging effects.

Connor and Amara are received by a NYPD captain, Marrock, and the bored rich girl Esrin, who represent the Founders, short for the Wolf Conservation Foundation.  They manage their own pack as well as seven territories (wildlife sanctuaries) of the Wilds, werewolves who are ignorant of the outside world.  When the Luparii make their presence known using a device made by Phenix Industries, the arms technology business that funds the Founders, Connor recognizes that,
"I have a sense that what we bury here today is any hope of understanding of how to make things right overseas." (pg. 168)
Things overseas aren't necessarily faring any better.  Madison, Connor's love interest, has been under wraps at Fenrir Pharmaceuticals in Frankfurt since he accidentally bit her and changed her into a full-fledged werewolf.  Trajan, the biochemist, has been using her as a test subject for an antivenin for Wolf's Bane but Madison wants to play a part in helping Connor. Unfortunately, because of her relationship to Connor, Madison has become a commodity that has the Luparii, the Hounds of God and even ex-boyfriend Josh trying to get to her.

The complexity of The Night is Found is wild. Based on critical information from the first and second books in the series, The Night Has Teeth (Fierce Ink Press, 2012) and The Night Has Claws (Fierce Ink Press, 2013) respectively, The Night is Found twists the key characters of Connor, Madison, Arden and Amara into new personas as they accept their new attributes (bitten, cured, healed, safe, human, wolf, werewolf–whatever) and try to make things right while working with and against others.  Kat Kruger's characters are so real that I'd consider looking up some of the companies and locations mentioned in the book to see if they truly exist.  Yeah, I know werewolves aren't real (I do have to keep reminding myself of that) but Kat Kruger has developed all her characters so fully that it's sometimes hard to believe they're not.

If I hadn't enjoyed the first two books, keeping the storylines straight would've been difficult.  But I did, and I could, and appreciated Kat Kruger's complex storytelling all the more.  She's able to juggle the multiple subplots of teen angst and romance as well as biotechnology and belief systems easily with the paranormal and create a riveting tale that's imbued with sarcasm, sweetness and savagery. And still Kat Kruger convincingly allows Connor, Arden, Amara and Madison to un-lose themselves and amicably position themselves in their paranormal reality now that The Night is Found.

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