April 29, 2014

The Circus Dogs of Prague: Guest Post Review

by Rachelle Delaney
Puffin Canada
192 pp.
Ages 8+
April 2014

The following review has been submitted by Claire, a Grade 5 student, who read the advance reading copy of The Circus Dogs of Prague, just after reading the first book in this series, The Metro Dogs of Moscow as part of the Silver Birch Fiction reading program of the Ontario Library Association.

The Circus Dogs of Prague starts out with JR, the Jack Russell from The Metro Dogs of Moscow, going with his human, George, and George's girlfriend, Nadya, on a plane to Prague to see Nadya's family and the Circus Sergei.  Also travelling with them are JR's dog friends Beatrix, Robert and Pie and George's human friend, John.  When they arrive, they go to the apartment Nadya's brother Niko found for them.  When JR, Pie, Robert and Beatrix see some cats, and chase them next door, Nadya and George get mad.  Nadya wants to adopt one of the cats, naming it Kisa, although all the dogs except for Pie don't like it one bit.  Kisa is a stray and they have lots of them in Prague.

One night, Pie goes missing and JR wakes everyone up to search for him, but there isn't a clue.  They do find a note that says something about going to the circus so JR, Beatrix and Robert go there and have to bust down a locked door to find Pie with the other circus animals.  Pie wants to read a poem in the circus.  Robert convinces Pie to come home but JR senses something wrong with the animals.  He learns that none of the circus animals want to do what they are doing so JR knows that he must do something to help with all the help from the stray dogs of Moscow.   JR also learns that another circus called Circus Magnificus is stealing performers from Circus Sergei.  JR knows that Kisa is their only hope.

I really loved the new book The Circus Dogs of Prague.  The first book The Metro Dogs of Moscow was really enjoyable too.  My favourite part of The Circus Dogs of Prague was when JR and Kisa made up to each other and promised to work together to save the circus.  Everyone thinks that dogs and cats are not supposed to have anything to do with each other, like JR's embassy friends who wanted to bite Nadya for adopting Kisa.

Enjoy the book!

by Claire
Grade 5

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  1. Great review! My 9-year-old daughter's also a JR fan. Her review of the book is here: http://www.tanyalloydkyi.com/?p=1606