April 09, 2014

Jamie's Got a Gun: Book Launch (Edmonton)


young adult author 
Gail Sidonie Sobat

and illustrator
Spyder Yardley-Jones

for the launch of their new graphic novel for young adults

Jamie's Got a Gun
Text by Gail Sidonie Sobat
Illustrated by Spyder Yardley-Jones
Great Plains Teen Fiction
224 pp.
Ages 12+
May 2014


May 22, 2014

at 7 p.m.


the Roxy Theatre
Edmonton, Alberta

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The media release from Great Plains Teen Fiction tells this about Jamie's Got a Gun:

Jamie Kidding finds a semi-automatic handgun in an inner city dumpster. An aspiring artist, Jamie initially resorts to his notebook to record the reality of his complicated life with his mother, his deadbeat stepfather and the bullies he faces daily at his high school. Gradually, the weapon takes over Jamie’s life and his imagination, tantalizing him with deadly solutions to his personal troubles. Seduced by a sense of power, one fateful day he takes the gun to school. 

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