May 02, 2014

Yesterday's Dead: Guest Blog Post

The following blog post is a review letter of Yesterday's Dead to author Pat Bourke from a 12-year-old reader who read the book as part of the Silver Birch Fiction reading program.  I would like to add that this student read all thirty books of the Silver Birch Express, Fiction and Non-Fiction award reading programs, and over half of the Red Maple nominees, and chose to write a review of Yesterday's Dead.  No surprises of the high praise within.

by Pat Bourke
Second Story Press
232 pp.
Ages 9-14

Dear Pat Bourke,

As a Silver Birch reader who has read all of the book selection, I would clearly say that your book, Yesterday’s Dead, was a favourite of mine. I prefer to read historical fiction, and your book was a great fit for me. It was the first book I read, and nothing I read after this came close to your book.

A character I connected really well to was Meredith, because one night when my mother was sick, my father and I had to take care of my sister, who had thrown up. I could sense her hardships, and I knew how hard she was working to take care of Parker, Mrs. Butters, Jack, and Harry. I also could connect with her frustration to Maggie’s attitude. Maggie was a clear brat in my eyes, and I think Meredith did an amazing job of keeping calm.
One of my favourite things about this book was the way Maggie and Meredith had to settle their differences to take care of all of the patients, without any adult help. This sent a really good message out to students because many people take a first impression of someone and will not change that, no matter what. This book will help children understand that this is not okay, and that first impressions can be changed, because Meredith’s first impression of Maggie was that she was a spoiled brat, but near the end she realized that she was able to get along with her.

This book was an amazing read, and I knew right after our librarian, Ms. Kubiw, had explained it to us, that it would be the first one I read and probably the one I would most enjoy. Thank you so much for writing this awesome book, and I sincerely hope there will be a series or more books to come like this.


Grace D.
Age 12


  1. Great review! I really enjoyed that book too!

  2. Thank You!
    Grace D.