May 23, 2014

Spring: A season of book award announcements

Spring may have sprung (finally!) but I feel like I've been digging myself in deep under the mountain of book award announcements.  It seems that every regional, national and international book award is announcing winners or shortlists or upcoming announcements of winners or nominee shortlists (yes, there are announcements about announcements).  In case you've missed some of the announcements, here's a list of some which I have posted on CanLit for LittleCanadians: Awards blog just since the beginning of spring (the calendar spring, not the weather spring):

    Hard to keep up with the reviewing when I want to broadcast the awards' shortlists and winners, all with the goal of promoting youngCanLit.  The more that bloggers and readers and organizations champion extraordinary children's books by Canadian authors and illustrators, the more likely that a Canadian publisher won't go under, a writer will continue to write or more great books will be created.

    Check out these lists of nominees and winners and see how many titles reappear on multiple lists or which ones are unique to one list.  Read the comments made by the juries or readers who make selections.  And enjoy the wealth of outstanding literature, as always!

    Please help promote 
    our award-winning youngCanLit!

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    1. You continue to amaze me, Helen. Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of Canadian children's literature. Best wishes, Monica