August 07, 2012

Middle Ages (Medieval Times): Book List I

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Most school curricula include a unit on Medieval Times or the Middle Ages, which is generally accepted to have occurred from about 500 to 1500 C.E., after the fall of the Roman Empire until the Renaissance Era (14th c. to 16th c.).  The following fiction by Canadian authors and/or illustrators generally falls into that time period and, although the Viking Age occurred during Medieval Times, I've chosen to prepare a separate a book list for it to keep this list more manageable. 

Medieval Times Fiction

After Hamelin
by Bill Richardson
Annick Press
227 pp.
Ages 10+
The Pied Piper may have led most of the children from Hamelin, Germany, but two children escape: Penelope who has lost her hearing and Alloway who is crippled and falls behind the parade of children.  It's up to Penelope to find a way to return the children to their homes.

The Alchemist's Portrait
by Simon Rose
Tradewind Books
134 pp.
Ages 8-12
Michael's school trip to the museum has him recruited to help Peter Glimmer who is trapped in his own portrait in a museum, courtesy of his evil alchemist uncle in 1666.

Attack by Knight (Looney Bay All Stars series)
by Helaine Becker
Illustrated by Sampar
Scholastic Canada
66 pp.
Ages 7-9
When two quarreling knights time-travel to the time of the Looney Bay All Stars, the kids challenge their rivals, the Trinity Bay Marauders, to a lacrosse match.

Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island
by Christopher Dinsdale
292 pp.
Ages 10+
Prince Henry Sinclair of Norway, Earl of Orkney, and Knight Templar is in possession of a unique gift that he intends to use to uphold peace in the world, unlike the warring European kings who would sacrifice all for it.  With the help of an unusual assortment of new allies, Prince Henry heads westward to the lands discovered by the Vikings to keep the treasure safe.

A Company of Fools
by Deborah Ellis
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
191 pp.
Ages 9-14
In 1336, at the Abbey of St. Luc, Henri, a studious choir boy, and Micah, a rebellious choir student, join forces to become the Company of Fools, a group that aims to cheer the people dealing with the deaths from the Black Plague.
There Will be Wolves: The First Book of The Crusades
by Karleen Bradford
185 pp.
Ages 10-12

Shadows on a Sword: The Second Book of The Crusades
by Karleen Bradford
249 pp.
Ages 10-12

Lionheart's Scribe: The Third Book of The Crusades
by Karleen Bradford
204 pp.
Ages 10-12

The Scarlet Cross: The Fourth Book of The Crusades
by Karleen Bradford
169 pp.
Ages 10-12

Angeline: The Fifth Book of The Crusades
by Karleen Bradford
180 pp.
Ages 11-15
Karleen Bradford's extraordinary historical fiction series follows the lives of young people from France, England and the Holy Roman Empire who are compelled or choose to join the Crusades to liberate the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Crusades: Kids @ The Crossroads
by Laura Scandiffio
Illustrated by Tina Holdcroft
Annick Press
72 pp.
Ages 9-11
Follow the blog posts of a child from 1212 recreating the adventures, lifestyle and context from the time of the Crusades.

Garth and the Mermaid
by Barbara Claassen Smucker
135 pp.
Ages 8-12
When young Garth is hit by a car while trying to keep a classmate from injury, he awakens from unconsciousness as a young peasant on a medieval estate in East Anglia, familiar to him from the Middle Ages he is studying in school.

Ghosts in the Churchyard: A Medieval Adventure
by Marty Pullin
Illustrated by John Richer
Sheffield Museum Publishing
151 pp.
In 13th century England, the village of Tintinhull is robbed on the night when children, including twins William and Emily, await the appearance of a ghost in the churchyard.  The twins use their new psychic gifts to solve the mystery that has ghosts (good and evil), brawling, sheriffs and suspicion getting in the way.  Maps, a glossary and much discussion of medieval society enhance the story.  For those who prefer a shorter book without the supernatural characters of Ghosts in the Churchyard, a second version called Peasants and Thieves is also available.

The Heretic's Tomb
by Simon Rose
Tradewind Books
165 pp.
Ages 8-12
After she discovers an unusual amulet at the archaeological site of the tomb of Lady Isabella Devereaux, a woman decried as a heretic in 1349, Annie finds herself time-travelling back to the time of the Black Death.

Jayden's Rescue
by Vladimir Tumanov
Scholastic Canada
123 pp.
Ages 8-12
The evil sorcerer-king is holding Queen Jayden captive in his castle and only Sam and Alex can save her. This is the plot of the book that Alex is reading but he begins to understand that Jayden is real and actually does need his help. A series of math problems help propel the story, all in aid of Jayden's Rescue.
The Mystery of the Medieval Coin
by A. D. Fast
Vanwell or Tea Leaf Press
157 pp.
Ages 8-11

To Save a King (sequel to The Mystery of the Medieval Coin)
by A.D. Fast
157 pp.
Ages 8-11
In The Mystery of the Medieval Coin, Lucas, Marvin, and Nicole are perplexed by the strange behaviour of their history teacher, Mr. LeClair.  They follow him to an ancient cave and time-travel back to France in the Middle Ages.  With the medieval coin from The Mystery of the Medieval Coin, the three children return to 1450 France in To Save a King, again to outwit their teacher, but this time to save King Charles VII.

Neil Flambé and the Crusader's Curse
by Kevin Sylvester
Simon & Schuster Books for Young People
291 pp.
Ages 8-14
Ever since the 1200's, the ancestors of teen chef Neil Flambé have been cursed.  Now, just having turned 15, Neil finds his glorious dishes taste worse than sawdust and his restaurant's re-opening is doomed to fail.

On a Medieval Day: Story Voyages around the World
by Rona Arato
Illustrated by Peter Ferguson
Maple Tree Press
96 pp.
Ages 10-12
Rona Arato does a superb job of recreating the Medieval Times through a series of fictitious accounts by young people who lived in Europe, Africa, the Far East and Vinland during these times.  Additional information supports each story.

The Princess Pawn
by Maggie L. Wood
Sumach Press
299 pp.
Ages 11-14
Willow is transported to the fantasy world of Mistolear, in which she is a princess with magical powers.  In Mistolear,  a fairy tale setting with castles, knights, princesses and medieval society, Willow is part of a mystic chess game for control of the universe.

Seeds of Time
by K. C. Dyer
256 pp.
Ages 10-13
After a motorcycle accident in which her father is killed and she has part of her leg amputated, Darrell is sent to the Eagle Glen art school from which she time-travels to the 1300's.

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Bogger
by Kevin Bolger
215 pp.
Ages 9+
After prankster Prince Harry convinces an aging knight, Sir Fartsalot, the lover of all turnip dishes, that the dreaded Booger is threatening the kingdom, his father sends him to accompany the knight on a quest for the Booger.  With a story rife with puns and humour, Prince Harry learns much about gallantry, chivalry and heroism.

The Sorcerer’s Letterbox
by Simon Rose
Tradewind Books
114 pp.
Ages 8-11
Jack discovers a letter in a drawer and finds himself corresponding with Edward V, one of the princes imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1483. After penning a reply, Jack finds himself trapped in late medieval England.
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Follow-up lists will include young adult and non-fiction titles dealing with the Middle Ages.

Also, if you know of any other books which you think are appropriate for this book list, please contact me so that I may consider adding them.

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