August 21, 2012

Word on the Street 2012: Kitchener, Toronto, Halifax

In addition to the three communities promoted earlier, Word On The Street, the annual celebration of literacy and the written word, will take place in Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax. 

Below, I've outlined the basics about the Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax WOTS, including listing of children's and young adult authors and illustrators scheduled to appear.  Check the website of the specific WOTS to determine how each author will participate in Word On The Street. Regardless, the list of youngCanLit authors and illustrators is mind-blowing! I truly hope you are near enough to attend one of these festivals.  Go YoungCanLit!

Date:     Sunday, September 23, 2012
Location:    Kitchener City Hall

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Erin Bow, children's author of Plain Kate 
  • Laura Beingessner, illustrator of Our Corner Grocery Store
  • Rona Arato, picture book author of Mrs. Kaputnik's Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium
  • Jan Andrews, children's author of Rude Stories
  • Lana Button, picture book author of Willow's Whispers
  • Sean Cassidy, author and illustrator of Kazaak!
  • L.M. Falcone, children's author of The Midnight Curse
  • Richard Scarsbrook, YA author of The Monkey Chronicles
WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS


Date:    Sunday September 23, 2012
Times:    11 am - 6 pm
Location:    Queen's Park Circle

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Andrew Larsen, author of picture book Bye, Bye, Butterflies!
  • Dennis Lee, poet and author of Alligator Pie and Garbage Delight
  • Hilary Leung, illustrator of Ninja, Cowboy, Bear series
  • Peyton Leung, author of The Pirate Girl's Treasure: An Origami Adventure
  • J. Torres, graphic artist and writer of Checkers and Dot
  • Susan J. Atkinson and Elizabeth Todd Doyle, author and illustrator of Witches Don't Do Winter
  • Sarah Tsiang, author of The Stone Hatchlings and A Flock of Shoes
  • Rebecca Bender, author/illustrator of Don't Laugh at Giraffe and Giraffe and Bird
  • Kari-Lynn Winters, author of picture book Gift Days
  • Dave Whamond, author and illustrator of Oddrey and My Think-a-Ma-Jink
  • Kevin Sylvester, author of Neil Flambé and the Crusader's Curse
  • Kari Trogen, author of Margaret and the Moth Tree
  • Cary Fagan, children’s author of The Boy in the Box and picture book Mr. Zinger's Hat
  • Claudia Dávila, illustrator of Luz Makes a Splash
  • Kyo Maclear, author of picture book Virginia Wolf
  • Cybèle Young, author and illustrator of A Few Bites
  • Tim Beiser, author of Miss Mousie's Blind Date
  • Joyce Grant, author of Gabby
  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi, illustrator of I'm Bored
  • Andrew "Too Tall" Queen, musician and children's performer
  • Patricia Storms, author and illustrator of  The Pirate and the Penguin
  • Stella Partheniou Grassso, author of Over the Rink: A Hockey Counting Book
  • Lizann Flatt and Ashley Barron, author and illustrator of Counting on Fall
  • Megan Crewe, paranormal YA author of The Way We Fall
  • Francine Gerstein, author of children's non-fiction Body Works: My Itchy Body
  • Deborah Kerbel, YA author of Under the Moon
  • Adrienne Kress, YA author of The Friday Society
  • Norah McClintock, YA mystery author of She Said/She Saw
  • Shane Peacock, children’s author of The Boy Sherlock Holmes series
  • Alyxandra Harvey, YA author of Haunting Violet and The Drake Chronicles
  • Richard Scrimger, author of Ink Me and Me and Death
  • Ted Staunton, author of Jump Cut
  • Lesley Livingston, YA fantasy author of Starling and Once Every Never
  • Mariko Tamaki, YA author of Skim and (You) Set Me on Fire
WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS

Date:     Sunday September 23, 2012
Time:    11 am - 5 pm
Location:    Halifax waterfront

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Don Aker, YA author of The Fifth Rule, The First Stone
  • Gary Blackwood, author of The Imposter
  • Lesley Choyce, YA author of Rat, Breaking Point, Dumb Luck
  • Cynthia D'Entremont, author of Oak Island Revenge: A Jonah Morgan Mystery
  • Theresa Meuse, children's author of The Sharing Circle
  • Philip Roy, author of the Submarine Outlaw series, Outlaw in India
  • Jessica Scott Kerrin, children's author of Lower the Trap, the Martin Bridge series
  • Steve Vernon, author of The Lunenburg Werewolf, Sinking Deeper
  • Alice Walsh, non-fiction author of upcoming A Long Way From Home
  • David Weale, storyteller, children's performer and author of picture book Doors in the Air
WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS

If there are any errors in this posting, they are completely my own. Please check the Word On The Street websites provided to confirm details.

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