October 07, 2011

Caramba and Henry

by Marie-Louise Gay
Groundwood Books
40 pp.
Ages 4+

Ay, Caramba!  What is a cat to do?  Having endured the humiliation of being the only cat unable to fly (Caramba, 2005), Caramba now has to deal with his little, tiresome, annoying brother, Henry.  Henry screams.  Henry throws.  Henry squishes.  Henry collides.  Now Henry is learning to fly, and Caramba is charged with his care.  How can Caramba help Henry when he himself can't fly?

Just as Caramba found his unique ability in Marie-Louise Gay's first Caramba book, he finds both the will and the means, with his friend Portia's help, to encourage his little brother to soar.

Gay's characteristic watercolour and pencil illustrations, familiar to readers of her Stella and Sam series, provide the gentle and radiant strokes that launch Caramba's new relationship with his younger brother.

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