April 11, 2022

The Limitless Sky

Written by Christina Kilbourne
384 pp.
Ages 12+
May 2022

They may be living in the same world, but Rook and Gage don't know it. 
Rook lives with her family in ArHK whose descendants, the Chosen Ones, had left the Outside hundreds of OT (Outside Time) years ago. In ArHK where she lives with her father and mother and young sister Sparrow in their pod on the Knowledge Level, one of four levels in ArHK, Rook is destined to be a Keeper, running the Archives and monitoring the Great Hall of Human Records, as is her family's heritage. 

Fifteen-year-old Gage lives with his parents, younger sister Brindle and dog Scruff in a yurt at a scouts' base camp. Organized by the Scholars, scouts have been going out for generations to find the Ship of Knowledge purportedly in the ancient city of Washington. When Chief Coil's map readers believe they are at the gateway to that city, Gage volunteers to join the scouting expedition as a Reader to assist his father and others in looking for artefacts and old structures that might reveal the ancients' knowledge of curing diseases, harnessing power and communication over vast distances.

During her regular assignments and exploratory days at the Archives, Rook delves into restricted files and starts piecing ArHK's history, much of which was buried by the Governors and for which her Grandmam had been exiled to the Growing Sector. Meanwhile, just as Rook is coming to some startling revelations, Gage is making his own discovery and one that will bring their two worlds together, even if at a distance.

Christina Kilbourne has not just created one new world; she has created two. Both are borne out of poisonous air, fires, floods and winds, with one world escaping into a newly-manufactured one and the other surviving in what is left behind. Though readers will be hopeful that the two worlds, those of Rook and Gage, will ultimately come together so that they might become whole again, Christina Kilbourne does not guarantee anything. She shows us alternatives of what our world might be like after climatic change has altered our landscapes and societies and offers an opportunity to see how power can corrupt, how progress can be a setback, and how inspiration may come from our youth. How limited our world is comes down to us.

Dystopian novels have always offered us a mix of angst and aspiration, and The Limitless Sky does just this. In a gritty read that will work for middle-grade readers as well as teens, The Limitless Sky begins a new story for a future that may or may not be. And, as this is first book in the potential trilogy, it's a future I'm looking forward to reading about.


  1. Really love your summary of the the two worlds that make up The Limitless Sky. Thanks so much for reading, reviewing and strongly endorsing!