January 28, 2022

The Groundwood Newsletters: New book resource

Any resource that encourages 
the use of Canadian children's books 
by educators and librarians is good. 

Most publishers provide teaching resources based on their books 
(do check out their websites) 
but Groundwood Books is setting up something a little different 
and I wanted to share that here.

Groundwood Books

has teamed up with 

educator, author and children's book advocate

Larry Swartz

for a series of newsletters for teachers and librarians

The Groundwood Newsletters are designed to provide educators, librarians and parents with strategies, tips and information about their fiction and non-fiction books. Each newsletter centres on a single topic, theme or genre with a list of recommended titles to encourage young readers to explore. The series will include lots of great resources such as reading, writing, arts and media responses; a spotlight feature on a Groundwood author/illustrator; a curated book list with annotations; and additional links to the website for more book information and/or teacher guides.

Newsletter #1:
 (set for release Monday)

Finding Friendships, Building Belonging 
and Creating Community Through Picture Books
for the Groundwood Newsletters

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