January 04, 2019

Hotel Fantastic

Written and illustrated by Thomas Gibault
Kids Can Press
32 pp.
Ages 3-7
October 2018

Hotel Fantastic is truly exotic, in its clientele and its amenities. Reception is handled by a three-eyed amorphous blue creature, the bellhop is an octopus and there are underwater rooms for mermaids, rooms for robots to recharge, and sky rooms for those who fly.  Though there are occasional Wanted Posters for the Soror-horribilis with its giant claws, razor-sharp teeth and ugly dress, everyone seems to be enjoying the shopping at the gift shop, the eclectic cuisine of Raymundo and Georgio in the restaurant and the convenience of the gym and swimming pool. But wait! There's more. There's the valet parking, the ballroom and the infirmary for injuries and upgrades. But, will security be able to handle Soror-horribilis when she attacks?
From Hotel Fantastic by Thomas Gibault
Hotel Fantastic is built on and in the imagination of a young boy who (spoiler alert!) has created a new world with his own toys in the dollhouse of his sister. She is the Soror-horribilis depicted in the flyers posted throughout his imagined hotel. She may attack at any moment (but only at the end of the book with "I told you a million times not to put YOUR toys in MY dollhouse") but he revels in the incredible originality of his Hotel Fantastic, creating wonder with his imagination.
From Hotel Fantastic by Thomas Gibault
Montrealer Thomas Gibault's story, in words and artwork, brings the incredible to Hotel Fantastic. It's bigger than the dollhouse it actually encompasses. It's bold and colourful and as creative as the boy's imaginative play. Visit anytime with whomever you chose and indulge in any or all of its luxuries for a stay of fancy. Hotel Fantastic is sure to become a go-to destination for readers and dreamers of all ages, if you can get past Soror-horribilis.

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