January 03, 2016

Cherry Blossom Baseball: Book launch (Burlington, ON)

Join #youngCanLit author

Jennifer Maruno

whose books include

Kid Soldier
208 pp.
Ages 13-15

166 pp.
Ages 8-12


When Cherry Blossoms Fell & Cherry Blossom Winter
Dundurn         Dundurn
978-1-89491-783-4             978-1-45970-211-0
144 pp.     176 pp.
Ages 10-13
2009     2012

for the launch of her newest middle-grade historical fiction 
third book in her Cherry Blossom series

Cherry Blossom Baseball
by Jennifer Maruno
256 pp.
Ages 10-13
December 2015


Sunday, January 10, 2016 
1:30 p.m.

at the

 Burlington Central Library
2331 New St.
Burlington, ON
L7R 1J4

The book blurb from Dundurn reads as:
Michiko Minigawa’s life is nothing but a bad game of baseball. The Canadian government swung the bat once, knocking her family away from a Vancouver home base to an old farmhouse in the Kootenay Mountains. But when they move into town, the government swings the bat again, announcing that all Japanese must now move east of the Rockies or else go to Japan. 
Now in Ontario, Michiko once again has to adjust to a whole new kind of life. She is the only Japanese student in her school, and making friends is harder than it was before. When Michiko surprises an older student with her baseball skills and he encourages her to try out for the local team, she gives it a shot. But everyone thinks this new baseball star is a boy. Michiko has to make a decision: quit playing ball (and being harassed), or pitch like she’s never pitched before.
(Retrieved from https://www.dundurn.com/books/Cherry-Blossom-Baseball on January 3, 2016.) 

Books will be available for purchase from A Different Drummer Books.  It's a great way to complete or start your Cherry Blossom collection!

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