February 05, 2019

Say Something!

Written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Orchard Books (Scholastic)
40 pp.
Ages 4-8
February 2019

In his extraordinary way of blending message with art, Peter H. Reynolds, creator of The Dot (2003), Happy Dreamer (2017) and The Word Collector (2018), brings young readers to speak from the heart and make the world a better place for all.
From Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds
In a series of double spreads, children are encouraged to speak from the heart "with words, with action, with creativity" when they spot a lonely person or someone being hurt, or when they see an empty canvas or lot that could blossom to life, or when there are ideas and beauty to be shared.
From Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds
From Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds
It's about being yourself and being your best self, helping everyone to understand and to say something too.
Sometimes you'll say something
and no one will be listening.

But keep saying
what is in your heart ...
... and you will find someone who listens.

Keep saying it ...
... and you may be surprised 
to find the whole world

Peter H. Reynolds encourages all to say something in their own way, recognizing that some have strong voices that are easily heard and others are quieter, imparting their messages through poetry, art, fashion and science. This acknowledgement of differences, including in our ways to communicate, makes Say Something! relevant and accessible to all.
From Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds
As a bonus, there's a wonderful activity pack available free from Scholastic that includes a heart-shaped card that would be perfect for a Valentine's Day class activity. Check it out at https://www.scholastic.com/content/dam/scholastic/kids/pdf/say-something/Scholastic_SaySomethingActivityPack.pdf

Say Something! says loads about standing up, sitting down, speaking out and stepping forward. It's inspiring and motivating and empowering. Thank you, Peter H. Reynolds, for cheering those who've led by saying something and encouraging all of us to do the same.


For more inspiration and to see more illustrations from the book, check out the official trailer posted by Scholastic on YouTube.

Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds | Official Trailer
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