May 20, 2016

Super-Duper Monster Viewer

by Kevin Sylvester
Groundwood Books
32 pp.
Ages 4-7
April 2016

If it’s from Neil FlambĂ© creator and illustrator extraordinaire Kevin Sylvester, you know that Super-Duper Monster Viewer is going to be super-duper fun and funny. It is.  (All the cover accolades–including a New Scary Honor Book, The Scalding Hot Medal, a recommendation from the Monster Safety Council and a 4-scars rating from the Beast Best Bets–clearly attest to it too.)

Set up like a technological device with a screen and familiar buttons, the Super-Duper Monster Viewer allows the user to "see the monsters that are all around you! All the time! Anywhere!  In fact, there are TWO monsters standing in front of you RIGHT NOW!" Yes, readers, by following the simple rules for using the Super-Duper Monster Viewer, you will be able to see Kevin Sylvester's colourful creatures, one small and green and ornery and the other large and purple and hairy.  Eventually.  Getting accustomed to the viewer is an art in itself but the monsters humourously encourage the reader to manipulate the device, ever hopeful of getting the full picture.

From Super-Duper Monster Viewer by Kevin Sylvester

Seemingly interactive, Super-Duper Monster Viewer will have children feeling like they are the ones in control of the device when it's all courtesy of Kevin Sylvester's wacky imagination and quirky illustrations.  Enjoy whatever glimpses you can get of the two creatures before, as sadly happens with too many toys, the Super-Duper Monster Viewer becomes damaged.  How that happens is as dreadfully good fun as the rest of the story of Super-Duper Monster Viewer.

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