May 06, 2015

Here Babies, There Babies

by Nancy Cohen
Illustrated by Carmen Mok
Nimbus Publishing
14 pp.
Ages 0-2
April 2015

Everyone loves babies, and they are everywhere!  They’re traveling with moms and dads and various caregivers, everywhere and no where, and sitting and playing and crying and sleeping.  Then repeat. It’s a recipe for a fun day of watching babies in all their glorious busyness.

Nancy Cohen’s delightful rhyming text is very simple but not simplistic.  It’s a fun read with rhythms and beats, and the fluency of a rat-a-tat on a drum or the flapping spokes of a bicycle wheel.
Baby in a stroller, going for a walk
Baby making friends, when Mommy stops to talk.
And Carmen Mok’s cheerful illustrations of round-faced kids waving, reading (OK, looking at pictures), sleeping and holding toys are serene and bright without being silly or puerile. It’s a wonderful combination of text and art that I believe will be appreciated by more than the ages 0-2 set designated and their families. Here’s a perfect read for a kindergarten class or preschoolers who adore babies and can appreciate the full range of baby activities lived. Sweet, sweet, sweet!

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