September 28, 2014

Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair: November 13-16, 2014

There's the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Bologna Children's Book Fair, Book World Prague International Book Fair, and now we have Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair, right here in CanadaNow we really are an international city!

From November 13 to 16, 2014, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building will become home, albeit temporary, to thousands of authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, exhibitors, workshop participants and readers.  And it's your chance to speak with, listen to, engage with and learn about all things book!

The schedule is extensive and available at 
I can't possibly cover all those scheduled to read or speak or just be in attendance, but I can focus on some of the youngCanLit luminaries whom I will try to visit. (n.b.: this is an international book fair, so international book people, illustrators and authors, children's and adult, will be in attendance so you may also get to see some exceptional non-youngCanLit people as well. There are some. Okay, many.)

  1. Kelley Armstrong 
  2. Ashley Barron 
  3. Hugh Brewster 
  4. Sigmund Brouwer
  5. Geneviève Côté 
  6. Claudia Dávila 
  7. Deborah Ellis 
  8. Mimi Fay 
  9. Beth Goobie 
  10. Linda Granfield 
  11. Jacqueline Guest 
  12. Jon Klassen 
  13. Gordon Korman 
  14. Julie Kraulis 
  15. Michael Kusugak 
  16. Aaron Kylie 
  17. Karen Levine 
  18. Elly MacKay 
  19. Kyo Maclear 
  20. Rosemary McCarney 
  21. Norah McClintock
  22. Brian McLachlan 
  23. Sylvia McNicoll 
  24. Mireille Messier 
  25. Sarah Mlynowski 
  26. Evan Munday 
  27. George Murray 
  28. Mahtab Narsimhan 
  29. Debbie Ridpath Ohi 
  30. Ruth Ohi 
  31. Shane Peacock
  32. Kris Pearn 
  33. David Poulsen 
  34. Pierre Pratt 
  35. Barbara Reid
  36. Richard Scrimger
  37. Alan Silberberg
  38. Ashley Spires 
  39. Ted Staunton
  40. Patricia Storms
  41. Allan Stratton 
  42. Caitlin Sweet 
  43. Kevin Sylvester 
  44. Meg Tilley 
  45. Vikki VanSickle 
  46. Frank Viva 
  47. Eric Walters
  48. Mélanie Watt 
  49. David Weale 
  50. John Wilson
  51. Cybèle Young 
  52. E. Paul Zehr 
If you look back over three years of postings here on CanLit for LittleCanadians, you'll see the majority of these authors and illustrators have been covered.  And those who haven't been just tells me that I'd better get to reading and writing a little faster!


Information about tickets, programming, authors, exhibitors, etc. is all available at the Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair website

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