September 04, 2014


by Lisa Trochatos
Illustrated by Virginia Johnson
Groundwood Books
22 pp.
Ages 0-3
October, 2014

Do read Don't. Enjoy that intimate one-on-one time with your child as you share unusual animal behaviours courtesy of Lisa Trochatos' succinct two-part declarations, and Virginia Johnson's quirky watercolours, from the cheetah driving a car with vanity plates "Faster" through a lush jungle to the closing illustration of all the animals' backsides.

Do let your youngest turn the heavy pages to discover how each humourous scenario will play out.  Do let your child discover why you shouldn't let the cheetah drive your car or the penguin fly the plane. Do let him laugh at the chameleon camouflaged in the brocade chair or at the child trying to wake the bear who is asleep in her bed. Then enjoy the pointing and the laughter and the quality chat you'll have discussing how bears hibernate or penguins can't fly or why pigs wallow. Wow, you've got lots to do.

So don't forget to read Don't. It's a charming read for the very young.

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