March 02, 2014

Seven the Series: News about Sequels and Secrets

Seven the Series, Orca Book Publishers' tremendously successful set of adventures for young readers, has sold over 100,000 books and is now looking to the future.  Introduced over two years ago, Seven the Series tells the stories of the seven grandsons of adventurer David McLean upon his death.  The seven teenagers–D.J., Steve, Spencer, Bunny (a.k.a. Bernard), Rennie, Jim (a.k.a. Webb) and Adam–are sent on different missions by their grandfather, as relayed in packages presented to each by their grandfather's lawyer.  The series, the brainchild of author Eric Walters, includes the following seven books, written by seven of Canada's best writers of children's fiction:
  • Between Heaven and Earth by Eric Walters;
  • Lost Cause by John Wilson;
  • Jump Cut by Ted Staunton;
  • Ink Me by Richard Scrimger;
  • Close to the Heel by Norah McClintock;
  • Devil's Pass by Sigmund Brouwer; and
  • The Last Message by Shane Peacock.


The wildly successful series will be followed by seven more books by the same seven authors and called The Seven SequelsSet for release this October (2014), here's Orca's blurb about the series:

New secrets will be brought to light…
When a visit to their grandfather’s cottage leads to the astonishing discovery of a hidden cache of passports and foreign currency, the grandsons from the bestselling Seven (the series) begin to suspect that their beloved grandfather was a spy, or even worse, a double agent. Determined to unearth the true story of their grandfather’s mysterious past, the seven cousins set off on seven new adventures that will take readers from the depths of the Caribbean sea to the top of the London Eye. (Retrieved from on February 27, 2014.)
Eric Walters' sequel is called Sleeper but that is the only title I know.

A book trailer released by Orca Book Publishers on March 12, 2014 to YouTube can be viewed on our Book Trailers blog here.


And More?
Yes.  Not to let the grass grow under his publishing feet, Eric Walters has put together an outstanding team of female Canadian authors to pen another seven books in a series called Seven Secrets. The premise behind these books is as follows:
Seven girls in an orphanage in 1964 are each given a clue to their past that sends them on an adventure. (Retrieved from Kelley Armstrong's blog on March 1, 2014.)
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Set for release in the fall of 2015, Seven Secrets has Eric Walters joining these grand dames of youngCanLit (listed here with a sampling of their books):
  • Teresa Toten (The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B, The Taming, Me and the Blondes)
  • Marthe Jocelyn (How It Happened on Peach Hill, Folly, Mable Riley, Would You
  • Kelley Armstrong (The Summoning, The Gathering, Loki's Wolves, Sea of Shadows
  • Vicki Grant (The Puppet Wrangler, Pig Boy, Quid Pro Quo, Not Suitable for Family Viewing
  • Kathy Kacer (Hiding Edith, The Diary of Laura's Twin, Clara's War, Shanghai Express
  • Norah McClintock (Taken, Not a Trace, Guilty, Victim Rights

Again, few details about the Seven Secrets have been released except that Eric Walters' contribution is titled Innocent and Kelley Armstrong's protagonist is named Tess.

As more news is released, I will be sure to share.

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  1. Fantastic idea: I just love this. I finally finshed gathering up all seven books from the original series about a week ago, so I'm really pleased to hear that the series is swelling into such an event!