May 25, 2013

Spring is Canadian Children's Book Awards' Season

If you ever have to wonder what you should read next (and I would probably say, "Really?"), consider looking at nominees and winners of the multitude of awards that are announced in the spring because this is definitely the season of youngCanLit book awards.  Of course, this is not too unusual as many programs are run on a school year basis, with reading, voting and awards scheduled to be started and completed within the year. 

Consider this list of nominees and winners which I have posted on CanLit for LittleCanadians: Awards blog since March 21, the beginning of the spring:

Overwhelming, isn't it?  And there is still another month of spring left! 

Last year, I started to put together a listing of book awards for which youngCanLit may be nominated.  I'm still working on it but there always seems to be another book award that I haven't noticed, or one that normally doesn't include children's or YA books and then includes one on its short lists, or new awards are announced like the Burt Award for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Literature, or some are dropped or renamed.  I will share it if I ever feel that it is complete.

In the mean while, check out these lists of nominees and winners and see how many titles reappear on multiple lists or which ones are unique to one list.  Read the comments made by the juries or readers who make selections.  And enjoy the wealth of outstanding literature, as always!

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