December 27, 2012

World Literacy Canada contest: Write for a Better World

World Literacy Canada is an organization that aims to promote global citizenship and help eliminate poverty ("turning the page on poverty").  Each year, they promote a writing contest for Canadian children to increase awareness of global issues.  Last year's contest was based on the themes in Deborah Ellis' book No Ordinary Day.  This year, World Literacy Canada's contest, renamed Write for a Better World, is based on a challenge from youngCanLit author, Eric Walters.

Here are the contest basics:

What: Eric Walters' challenges students to complete the following story starter in no more than 400 words:

I felt like I had been shot out of a cannon.  Who were these people? Where in the world was I? Before I could even get my bearings I was almost run over by . . .

Write about a place and culture that is new to you. What is different about it and what is surprisingly the same?

Stories will be evaluated on:
  • Focus: Does the writing focus on travelling to a new place and learning something about the culture there?
  • Creativity: How unique is the writer’s approach to the topic?
  • Main Character: Is the main character well-written and focus on being a global citizen? 
  • Clarity and organization: How is the story organized? Is there a clear beginning, middle and ending?
  • Conventions: Does the writer use correct spelling and grammar?

Who:  For Canadian students in Grades 5 to 8

Deadline: Entries must be received by April 5, 2013

  • First Place: 
      • $500 + an eReader
      • plus the prizes for the Top Ten (as stated below)
  • Top Ten: 
      • $50 + a full set of  Seven: The Series, signed by Eric Walters 
      • a world map and atlas
      • World Literacy Canada swag
      • publication in a collectible magazine and online 

Details about the contest and submitting entries can be accessed at the World Literacy Canada contest website here.

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