January 08, 2024

Family Literacy Day 2024: January 27

it will be 25 years since 
the first Family Literacy Day was celebrated.

This day was established to
"raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family.

The importance of connecting reading with family 
has been known for a long time, 
and the research proves that encouraging children in reading 
by sharing in their learning
 can make a big difference to their achievement in school.
Help your children be their best by reading with them and encouraging them in reading activities by participating in  
Family Literacy Day 
on January 27th 
and every day of the year.

This year's Honorary Chair is
Barbara Reid

Barbara Reid will be presenting a virtual presentation (via Zoom)
that gets kids involved in making their own art. 
The event is free but you need to register through ABC Life Literacy.

Also, a collection of free resources 
which includes everything 
from posters to an activity book, bookmarks and stories, 
can be found at the 
ABC Life Literacy website

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