February 22, 2021

13 Moons 13 Reads: GoodMinds video podcast series


Over the next thirteen months, GoodMinds, a First Nations family owned business, located on the Six Nations of the Grand River, will present a series of video podcasts of interviews with Indigenous authors and illustrators. Using the creation story of 13 Moons on Turtle's Back as the basis, GoodMinds has scheduled different guests for each of the 13 moons. Young readers, their teachers and parents, and everyone is invited to subscribe to the GoodMinds channel and enjoy these video podcasts. As an added bonus, GoodMinds is offering free downloads of the pdfs of 13 Moons on Turtle's Back Lunar (Cut-Outs) Calendar and Info Book to accompany the cultural teaching of 13 Moons on Turtle's Back.

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Here is the schedule of guests by date and moon:

February 27, 2021            EAGLE MOON
Author/illustrator Jay Odjick (Algonquin) and host David Bouchard

March 28, 2021                GOOSE MOON 
Authors Katherena Vermette (Métis) and Nicola Campbell (Nłeʔkepmx, Syilx and Métis)
April 27, 2021                   FROG MOON                 
Author/Illustrator Lisa Boivin (Dene) and Poet Circle with authors Joseph Dandurand (Xalatsep), Rebecca Thomas (Mi’kmaw) and Rosanna Deerchild (Cree)

May 26, 2021                    BUDDING MOON
Authors Tanya Talaga (Ojibwe) and David A. Robertson (Cree)

June 24, 2021                    BLOSSOM MOON
Author Wilfred Buck (Cree) and Author/Illustrator Sara Davidson and Robert Davidson (Haida)

July 24, 2021                     BERRY MOON
Authors Lee Maracle (Cree) and Cindy Blackstock (Gitxsan)

August 22, 2021                HARVEST MOON
Authors Drew Hayden Taylor (Ojibwe) and Sean Lyons (Algonquin)

September 20, 2021          FALL MOON
Authors Waubgeshig Rice (Ojibwe) and Brett Huson (Gitxsan)

October 20, 2021              MIGRATING MOON
Authors Jesse Thistle (Metis/Cree) and Dr. Betty Lynxleg (Ojibwe)
November 19, 2021          FROST MOON
Authors Wab Kinew (Saulteaux) and KC Adams (Ojibwe- Cree)

December 19, 2021           FROZEN MOON
Author Michael Hutchinson (Cree)

January 17, 2022               SPIRIT MOON
Author Nancy Cooper (Ojibwe)
Do check out GoodMinds for its impressive collection of books by Indigenous authors and illustrators at its website at https://www.goodminds.com/home


  1. This is a wonderful post and so smart. Thank you, Helen!

    1. Thanks, Monica. Glad to promote it for GoodMinds.

  2. Thank you so much! I will share with our school and Board.

    1. You're welcome. I hope more school boards catch wind of this video podcast series and GoodMinds' resources. I remember teaching Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back decades ago and was thrilled to promote this series for the worthwhile resource it will surely be.

  3. Thanks for sharing this!! I will be sure to pass it along to staff and of course be there to watch and listen.