October 12, 2018

2019 Forest of Reading® nominees announced: Blue Spruce and Silver Birch

Yesterday, the Ontario Library Association announced the nominated titles for the 2018-2019 Forest of Reading® readers' choice awards. This popular literacy program which is designed to cultivate a love of reading for people of all ages certainly got everyone's attention. This is BIG news in schools as teachers and school librarians start organizing their young readers to help select winners next spring.

In a series of three posts, I'll list the nominees for the following programs that were announced:
  • Blue Spruce™: K to Grade 2 reading level
  • Silver Birch® Express: Grades 3-4 reading level
  • Silver Birch® Fiction: Grades 5-6 reading level
  • Silver Birch® Non-fiction: Grades 5-6 reading level
  • Red Maple™ Fiction: Grades 7-8 reading level
  • Red Maple™ Non-fiction: Grades 7-8 reading level
  • White Pine™ Fiction: Grades 9-12 reading level
  • Le Prix Tamarac: les titres en français
  • Le Prix Tamarac Express: les titres en français
  • Le Prix Peuplier: les albums français

Barnaby Never Forgets
Written and illustrated by Pierre Collet-Derby
Candlewick Press

The Better Tree Fort
Written by Jessica Scott Kerrin
Illustrated by Qin Leng
Groundwood Books
Reviewed here

Harry's Hiccups
Written by Jean Little
Illustrated by Joe Weissmann
I Love My Purse
Written by Belle DeMont
Illustrated by Sonja Wimmer
Annick Press
Reviewed here
I Love Sharks, Too!
Written by Leanne Shirtliffe
Illustrated by Lorenzo Montatore
Sky Pony Press

The Magician's Secret
Written by Zachary Hyman
Illustrated by Joe Bluhm
Tundra Books

Sun Dog
Written by Deborah Kerbel
Illustrated by Suzanne del Rizzo
Pajama Press
Reviewed here

Written and illustrated by Kari Rust
Owlkids Books

What's My Superpower?
Written by Aviaq Johnston
Illustrated by Tim Mack
Inhabit Media
Reviewed here

Where Oliver Fits
Written and illustrated by Cale Atkinson
Tundra Books

A Bear's Life
Written by Nicholas Read
Illustrated by Ian McAllister

Bloom - A Story of Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli
Written by Kyo Maclear
Illustrated by Julie Morstad
Tundra Books

The Elephant Keeper: Caring For Orphaned Elephants in Zambia
Written by Margriet Ruurs
Illustrated by Pedro Covo
Kids Can Press

Heartwood Hotel #2: The Greatest Gift
Written by Kallie George
Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin
HarperCollins Canada

The Hollow Under the Tree
Written by Cary Fagan
Groundwood Books

Meet Viola Desmond
Written by Elizabeth MacLeod
Illustrated by Mike Deas
Scholastic Canada
Reviewed here

Tank and Fizz: The Case of the Firebane's Folly
Written by Liam O'Donnell
Illustrated by Mike Deas
The Theory of Hummingbirds
Written by Michelle Kadarusman
Pajama Press

What Makes a Monster? Discovering the World's Scariest Creatures
Written by Jess Keating
Illustrated by David DeGrand
Alfred A. Knopf

Where's Burgess?
Written by Laurie Elmquist
Illustrated by David Parkins

The Almost Epic Squad: Mucus Mayhem
Written by Kevin Sylvester
Illustrated by Britt Wilson
Scholastic Canada
Written by Linwood Barclay

Ebb and Flow
Written by Heather Smith
Kids Can Press
Reviewed here

Elephant Secret
Written by Eric Walters
Puffin Canada

Falcon Wild
Written by Terry Lynn Johnson

Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy
Written by Gareth Wronski
Aladdin Books

Written by Natalie Hyde
Scholastic Canada

Missing Mike
Written by Shari Green
Pajama Press
Reviewed here 

Written by Deborah Ellis
Groundwood Books
Reviewed here

The Train of Lost Things
Written by Ammi-Joan Paquette
Philomel Books

Basketballogy: Super Cool Facts You Never Knew
Written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester
Annick Press
Bat Citizens: Defending the Ninjas of the Night
Written by Rob Laidlaw
Pajama Press
Reviewed here

Biometrics: Your Body and the Science of Security
Written by Maria Birmingham
Illustrated by Ian Turner
Owlkids Books

Broken Pieces: An Orphan of the Halifax Explosion
Written by Allison Lawlor
Nimbus Publishing

Carey Price: How a First Nations Kid Became a Superstar Goaltender
Written by Catherine Rondina
James Lorimer & Company

Engineered!: Engineering Design at Work
Written by Shannon Hunt
Illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock
Kids Can Press

A Fair Deal: Shopping For Social Justice
Written by Kari Jones

New Hands, New Life: Robots, Prostheses and Innovation
Written by Alex Mihailidis and Jan Andrysek
Firefly Books

Rising Seas: Flooding, Climate Change And Our New World
Written by Keltie Thomas
Illustrated by Belle Wuthrich and Kath Boake W.
Firefly Books

The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow

Written and illustrated by Jan Thornhill
Groundwood Books
Reviewed here

Remaining nominees will be listed here:

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