July 12, 2017

#Tundra50 Tote Bag Auction

Tundra Books
an imprint of Penguin Random House Canada

is celebrating its 50th anniversary 

with a wonderful online auction in support of

a non-profit organization committed to bringing books and children together. 

Tundra Books asked the following 34 youngCanLit illustrators 

Cale Atkinson
Raphaëlle Barbanègre
Ben Clanton
Genviève Côté
The Fan Brothers
Eugenie Fernandes
Rebecca Green
Janet Hill
Matt James
Marthe Jocelyn
Madeline Kloepper
Julie Kraulis
Ron Lightburn
Julie Morstad
Olivia Chin Mueller
Vicki Nerino
Maxwell Newhouse
Kenard Pak
Gina Perry
Dušan Petričič
Kass Reich
Esmé Shapiro
Zoe Si
Lori Joy Smith
Sydney Smith
Bill Slavin
Mika Song
Ashley Spires
Carey Sookocheff
Chihiro Takeuchi
Frank Viva
Phoebe Wahl
Mélanie Watt
Cybèle Young

to decorate one side of the limited edition Tundra50 canvas tote bags


and these bags are being auctioned off 
between June 23 and July 28, 2017.

That gives you just over two weeks to place your bid

Minimum bid is $10 and all bids must be made in $5 increments. 

Details about the Tundra50 Tote Bag Auction can be read here The actual auction and images of the tote bags (both front and back) as well as current bids are listed here.

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