December 06, 2016

Saving Stevie: Book Launch (Toronto, ON)

Debut YA author

Eve Richardson

will be launching 

her young adult novel

Saving Stevie
by Eve Richardson
Red Deer Press
228 pp.
Ages 14-17
November 2016


Thursday, December 8, 2016

7 p.m.


Mabel's Fables
662 Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto, ON

Thirteen-year-old Minto's family is in crisis. Minto's older sister has had a baby and immediately abandoned the family and her son. Her father and mother are overwhelmed with the new baby and not coping. When Minton hears discussions about the possibility of turning weeks-old Stevie over to adoption services, Minto must take action and responsibility. She steals away in the night with the baby, some basic supplies and a little bit of money to hide in a shacktown. There are so many problems to deal with — Minto isn't sure she can make this work. But she has to keep trying because the alternative is not acceptable.
Description retrieved December 5, 2016 from Fitzhenry & Whiteside website at

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