October 19, 2016

Tagged Out: Book event (Toronto)

The Toronto Blue Jays may have played their last game of the season today


if you baseball,
live in or around Toronto
want to support youth baseball

Then come out to the book event featuring 
author Joyce Grant's

new middle grade sports novel

Tagged Out
(Sports Stories series)
by Joyce Grant
123 pp.
Ages 12-14

on Sunday, October 23, 2016

at 12 noon

at Christie Pits
(corner of Christie St. and Bloor St.)
Toronto, ON

On the Lorimer website, the book is described as follows:

The inner-city Toronto Blues baseball team is having a lousy year. Shortstop Nash and the Blues can't seem to win. They especially hate losing to their archrivals, the rich kids of the Parkhill Pirates. When all-star player Jock joins the team, it looks like the Blues might be able to turn the season around. The only problem? When the Pirates find out that Jock is gay, they ambush Nash and Jock, and Nash has to decide if he wants to stand by his teammate.

Get a signed copy of Tagged Out for $10
participate in the  Toronto Playgrounds Baseball
Derby for Distance

You can help fundraise 
for new equipment for 
the Toronto Playgrounds kids' baseball program
by participating in 
the batting competition 
at pitching machines of different speeds 
for different ages
There will be prizes, a raffle, refreshments, book sales and fun!

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