September 04, 2016

Once, In a Town Called Moth: Book launch (Toronto)

Please join award-winning author of

Stones for my Father
(Tundra, 2011)

Medina Hill  
(Tundra, 2009)

Trilby Kent

in celebrating the launch of 

Once, in a Town Called Moth
by Trilby Kent
Tundra Books
224 pp.
Ages 12+
September 2016 


Friday, September 16, 2016

7:00 pm

Type Books
883 Queen Street West, 
Toronto, ON

About the book:
Ana is not your typical teenager. She grew up in a tiny Mennonite colony in Bolivia, and her mother fled the colony when Ana was a young girl. Now Ana and her father have also fled, and Ana doesn't know why. She only knows that something was amiss in their tight-knit community. Arriving in Toronto, Ana has to fend for herself in this alien environment, completely isolated in a big city with no help and no idea where to even begin. But begin she does: she makes a friend, then two. She goes to school and tries to understand the myriad unspoken codes and rules. She is befriended by a teacher. She goes to the library, the mall, parties. And all the while, she searches for the mother who left so long ago, and tries to understand her father -- also a stranger in a strange land, with secrets of his own. 

This is a beautifully told story that will resonate with readers who have struggled with being new and unsure in a strange place, even if that place is in a classroom full of people they know. Ana's story is unique but universal; strange but familiar; extraordinary but ordinary: a fish out of water tale that speaks to us all.
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