June 09, 2014

Cover Reveal: The Night is Found

The Magdeburg Trilogy 

by author Kat Kruger
published by Fierce Ink Press 

began with

The Night has Teeth
by Kat Kruger
Fierce Ink Press
294 pp.

followed by

The Night has Claws
by Kat Kruger
Fierce Ink Press
978-0-9917937-5-4 (pb)
978-1-927746-02-8 (ebook)
269 pp.
Ages 14+
September, 2013

The trilogy is set to be completed 
with the publication of the final book

The Night is Found
to be released in July

but the spectacular cover 
has just been revealed 
by Fierce Ink Press

and here it is!

Isn't it amazing?

And just to get you really excited about its July release, 
here's the final paragraph from my review of 
The Night has Claws
so that you know (sort of) what's coming.

Hold onto your book or device because The Night Has Claws may start with the emotional and physical clean-up of story-lines fromThe Night Has Teeth but it ends on an even messier closing. I don't mean messier as in confused but rather in terms of catastrophic ruin.  It breaks apart with secrets revealed, relationships and alliances exposed and shattered, and upcoming hostilities and combat forecast. The reader may still be hopeful for reconciliation between Connor and Madison and Arden and Amara but surprisinglyKat Kruger has you cheering for the motley band of protagonists and even laughing along at times. (Honestly, how often can a writer use the admonishment "Bite me" as a double entendre?) And there's even more action, surprises and affairs of the heart coming because we know that where The Night Has Claws leaves off, Book Three will launch and continue to thrill.

So, make a notation on your calendar for the release of 
The Night is Found,

my review on July 8th, 
 guest post by Kat Kruger on July 9th

I can hardly wait!
Can you?

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