September 06, 2013

The Word On The Street 2013: Kitchener, Toronto, Halifax

In addition to the two western communities promoted earlier, Word On The Street, the annual celebration of literacy and the written word, will take place in Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax. 

Below, I've outlined the basics about the Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax WOTS, including listing of children's and young adult authors and illustrators scheduled to appear.  Check the website of the specific WOTS to determine how each author will participate in Word On The Street. Regardless, the list of youngCanLit authors and illustrators is mind-blowing! I truly hope you are near enough to attend one of these festivals.  Go YoungCanLit!

Date:     Saturday, September 21, 2013
Location:    Kitchener City Hall

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Don Calame, YA author of Swim the Fly, Beat the Band and Call the Shots
  • Meg Tilly, children's author of A Taste of Heaven and Porcupine

WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS


Date:    Sunday September 22, 2013
Times:    11 am - 6 pm
Location:    Queen's Park Circle

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Helaine Becker, children's and middle-grade fiction and non-fiction author of Little Jack Horner Live from the Corner, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree, How to Survive Absolutely Everything, and upcoming Ode to Underwear
  • Don Calame, YA author of Swim the Fly, Beat the Band and Call the Shots 
  • Scott Chantler, graphic novelist for children and YA including the The Captive Prince and Two Generals
  • Megan Crewe, dystopian YA author of The Way We Fall and The Lives We Lost
  • Lisa Dalrymple, children's book author of Skink on the Brink and If It's No Trouble...A Big Polar Bear
  • Suzanne Del Rizzo, picture book illustrator of Skink on the Brink
  • Cary Fagan, children's fiction author of Oy Feh So?, Mr. Zinger's Hat, The Boy in the Box and The Fortress of Kaspar Snit
  • Gail Gallant, YA author of upcoming Apparition
  • Shauntay Grant, spoken word artist and author of Up Home and The City Speaks in Drums
  • Chantel Guertin, adult and YA author of recent The Rule of Thirds
  • Nancy Hartry, children's author of Watching Jimmy and new Smokescreen
  • Heather Hartt-Sussman, children's picture book author of Here Comes Hortense!, Nana's Summer Surprise, and Noni Says No
  • Marthe Jocelyn, picture book, children's and YA fiction and non-fiction author of Where Do You Look?, How It Happened in Peach Hill, Scribbling Women and Would You
  • Julie Kraulis, picture book author and illustrator of Whimsy's Heavy Things
  • Monica Kulling, children's fiction and non-fiction of Lumpito and the Painter from Spain, Going Up: Elisha Otis's Trip to the Top, Mister Dash and the Cupcake Calamity, and Making Contact: Marconi Goes Wireless
  • Daniel Lafrance, illustrator of YA graphic novel War Brothers
  • Andrew Larsen, children's picture book author of In The Tree House, Bye Bye Butterflies and The Imaginary Garden
  • Loris Lesynski, poet and children's author of Boy Soup, Dirty Dog Boogie and Crazy About Basketball
  • Elizabeth MacLeod, children's non-fiction author of A History of Just About Everything, Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History's Mysteries, Royal Murder: The Deadly Intrigue of Ten Sovereigns and Everything But the Kitchen Sink
  • Sue MacLeod, poet and YA author of Namesake
  • Michael Martchenko, illustrator of numerous Robert Munsch books such as The Paperbag Princess, 50 Below Zero, and upcoming Swamp Water, as well as Allen Morgan books including Matthew's Midnight Adventures
  • Maureen McGowan, dystopian YA author of Deviants and Compliance
  • Sharon McKay, children's and YA fiction author of War Brothers, Whispers from the Ghettoes, Enemy Territory and Thunder Over Kandahar
  • Stephanie McLellan, picture book author of Hoogie in the Middle, Tweezle Into Everything and The Chicken Cat
  • Gillian O'Reilley, children's author of non-fiction The Great Number Jumble and Slangalicious
  • Ruth Ohi, picture book author and illustrator of new Kenta and the Big Wave, Chicken Pig Cow, Me and My Sister, and The Couch was a Castle
  • Shelly Sanders, YA historical fiction author of Rachel's Secret and upcoming Rachel's Promise
  • Richard Scarsbrook, YA author of The Monkey Chronicles and upcoming Nothing Man and the Purple Zero
  • Eve Silver, YA author of Rush, Book 1 The Game series
  • Ted Staunton, children's and YA fiction author of Jump Cut, Acting Up and upcoming Who I'm Not and Ace's Basement
  • Patricia Storms, picture book author and illustrator of Never Let You Go and The Pirate and the Penguin
  • Suzanne Sutherland, YA author of When We Were Good
  • Bill Swan, non-fiction author of Real Justice: Convicted for Being Mi'kmaq: The Story of Donald Marshall Jr., and Real Justice: Fourteen and Sentenced to Death: The Story of Steven Truscott
  • Kevin Sylvester, picture book, fiction and non-fiction author and illustrator of Splinters, Game Day, Neil FlambĂ© series, and Sports Hall of Weird 
  • Jan Thornhill, picture book and non-fiction author of Who Wants Pizza, I Found a Dead Bird, The Wildlife ABC and new Is This Panama?: A Migration Story
  • Meg Tilly, children's author of A Taste of Heaven and Porcupine 
  • Teresa Toten, YA author of The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B, The Taming, and Me and the Blondes
  • Andrew H. Vanderwal, historical fiction author of new Death of a King and The Battle for Duncragglin
  • Frank Viva, children's picture book author and illustrator of Along a Long Road and A Long Way Away
  • Elizabeth Wein, YA author of Code Name Verity and new Rose Under Fire
  • Elizabeth Wennick, YA author of Whatever Doesn't Kill You and Changing Jareth
  • Kari-Lynn Winters, children's fiction and non-fiction author of Gift Days, Buzz about Bees, Jeffrey and the Sloth and upcoming Stinky Skunk Mel

WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS

Date:     Sunday September 22, 2013
Time:    11 am - 5 pm
Location:    Halifax waterfront, around the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

YoungCanLit writers/illustrators scheduled:
  • Laura Best, children's author of Bitter Sweet and Flying With a Broken Wing
  • Lesley Choyce, YA author of Reckless, Crash, Breaking Point and new Jeremy Stone
  • Jan Coates, children's fiction author of  The Power of Harmony and A Hare in the Elephant's Trunk
  • Charles DeLint, YA author of Eyes Like Leaves, Under My Skin and newest Over My Head
  • Sam Fisher, children's author of Scare Scape
  • Darren Hynes, YA author of Creeps
  • Kat Kruger, YA and adult author of The Night Has Teeth and The Night Has Claws
  • Hugh R. MacDonald, author of Trapper Boy
  • Jill MacLean, children's and YA author of upcoming The Hidden World of Sigrid Sugden and Nix Minus One
  • Jo Ann Yhard, historical fiction author of Buried Secrets at Louisbourg, The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines and Lost of Brier Island
WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS     WOTS

If there are any errors in this posting, they are completely my own. Please check the Word On The Street websites provided to confirm details.

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