March 11, 2013

Modo: Ember's End

Be part
of an extraordinary
youngCanLit experience!

Author Arthur Slade and illustrator Christopher Steininger are collaborating to bring readers one extra story of Modo, the steampunk hero of The Hunchback Assignments series. Though the series ended with a fourth volume, Island of Doom (reviewed here on July 16, 2012), Arthur Slade and Christopher Steininger are bringing Modo and fellow agent Octavia back in a graphic novel called Modo: Ember's End.

Modo: Ember's End is the basis of an indiegogo campaign to raise $15,000 for the production of this 72-page graphic novel.  The campaign, only on until April 11, 2013, allows donors to contribute and choose from a variety of perks, including a digital copy of the book, a collector's edition, signed copies, limited edition prints of the artwork or an original page of art.  And if you can afford to put out the big bucks, you'll even get a "steampunk portrait of you or your dog or subject of your choice."

Details about the book, the campaign, and perks for your contribution can be found at

Just to get your interest up (if the promise of a limited edition copy of an extra story about Modo isn't enough), check out this video uploaded by Arthur Slade about Modo: Ember's End.

Uploaded by Arthur Slade on March 2, 2013 to YouTube.

And this is the book trailer posted.
Uploaded by Arthur Slade on March 5, 2013 to YouTube.

Remember - it's only on until April 11, 2013, so don't miss this extraordinary opportunity.

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