October 09, 2012

International Day of the Girl: BookList 3

This third book list, to support the UN's International Day of the Girl, October 11, provides some young adult fiction that lets us...
...stand together to champion the right of all girls to be Fierce, Fearless and Free.
on October 3, 2012.  

Young Adult

Ashes, Ashes
by Jo Treggiari
Scholastic Press
341 pp.
Ages 12+
In dystopian New York City, Lucy Holloway has survived the plague that has killed so many, but now must evade those who seek to capture her and learn who she can trust.

Blood Red Road
by Moira Young
Doubleday Canada
459 pp.
Ages 14+
In a post-Wreckers world, Saba heads for brutal Hopetown where the Tonton (who abducted her twin brother Lugh) keep order with slavery and deadly entertainment.

Cape Town
by Brenda Hammond
Great Plains Teen Fiction
326 pp.
Ages 14+
Attending ballet school at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Renee Pretorius becomes immersed in the beginnings of the anti-apartheid movement of 1989.

Chanda's Secrets
by Allan Stratton
Annick Press

193 pp.
Ages 12-15
In Sub-Saharan Africa, sixteen-year-old Chanda takes responsibility for her ill mother and younger siblings in an atmosphere rife with fear and suspicion about HIV/AIDS.

by Liane Shaw
Second Story Press
256 pp.
At yet another foster home, Sadie Thompson, 15, vows to avoid any disturbances until she turns 16 and can ask for legal emancipation.

Gravity Journal 
by Gail Sidonie Sobat
Great Plains Teen Fiction
162 pp.
Ages 12-15
Anise battles anorexia in a rehab centre, reflecting on her health, circumstances and emotions in a journal.

Half World
by Hiromi Goto
Illustrated by Jillian Tamaki
Puffin Canada
190 pp.
Ages 12-15
After her mother dies and enters Half World, Melanie follows her and must re-establish balance between the three realms (Flesh, Spirit and Half World).

by Cheryl Rainfield
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
316 pp.
Ages 13+
Caitlyn, 15, has lived through her father's murder, her brother's abduction and her mother's denial of her gifts to evade the government agents determined to destroy Paranormals such as herself.

I'll Be Home Soon
by Luanne Armstrong
Ronsdale Press
200 pp.
Ages 10+
Thirteen-year-old Regan takes to the streets to look for her mother after she disappears.
by Valerie Sherrard
Dundurn Press
232 pp.
Ages 11-15
Having been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, Kate is determined to enjoy all her remaining days to their fullest.

Mostly Happy
by Pam Bustin
Thistledown Press
272 pp.
Ages 16+
Even in her tentative life, with her naive parents and then just her flighty mother Prissy, Bean works to create harmony and move forward.

Mountain Girl, River Girl 
by Ting-xing Ye
Puffin Canada

213 pp.
Ages 12-15
Two girls leave their homes to look for better lives in a bigger modern Chinese city but must rely on their courage and wit to survive.

Plain Kate
by Erin Bow
Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic
314 pp.
Ages 12-15
Orphaned Kate finds the means to survive while dealing with the suspicions of villagers and those of the gypsies that offer her some support.

by Marthe Jocelyn
Tundra Books
175 pp.
Ages 9-12
Short stories by women about female protagonists who must deal with secrets.

by Mariko Tamaki 
Illustrated by Jillian Tamaki
Groundwood Books/House of Anansi
141 pp.
Ages 14+
Skim navigates the challenges of her teenage years at school, exploring new friends, witchcraft, and a personal relationship with a female teacher.

Surviving Sam
by Karen Rivers
Polestar/Raincoast Books
205 pp.
Ages 14-17
Three years after her twin brother Sam dies in an avalanche that she survives, Pagan is still struggling to separate herself from his memory and death.

A Spy in the House: The Agency, Book 1
by Y. S. Lee
Candlewick Press/Random House Canada
335 pp.
Ages 13-17
Mary Quinn, rescued from hanging, is recruited by the Agency, a covert operation of female spies, to investigate smuggling activities.

This is Not a Test
by Courtney Summers
St. Martin's Griffin
326 pp.
Ages 13+
Sloane becomes part of a group finding refuge in the high school from marauding zombies.
Thunder Over Kandahar
by Sharon E. McKay
Annick Press
260 pp.
Ages 12+
Unescorted by men, Yasmine (separated from her parents) and Tamanna (escaping a forced marriage and abuse) attempt to reach the safety of Pakistan.
Under the Moon
by Deborah Kerbel
Dancing Cat Books (Cormorant Books)
194 pp.
Ages 12-15
Lily is desperate to deal with her relentless wakefulness, even sneaking out at night, and the compounded turmoil she experiences.

by Caroline Wissing
Thistledown Press
241 pp.
Ages 14+
After her granny is murdered, Annabel goes into foster care and finds both compassion and danger, though not where she expects.

   Help girls be   
    Fierce       Fearless      Free    

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