May 28, 2012

Red Cedar Award 2012 winners announced

British Columbian children in Grades 4 through 7 have read and voted for their favourite titles among the Fiction nominees and Information Book nominees for 2011/2012. We are pleased to announce the winners in each category.

For the Red Cedar Book Award for Fiction, the winner is . . .

After the Fire
by Becky Citra
 Orca Books 
186 pp.
Ages 8-11
While her mom and boyfriend are passed out drunk, a fire breaks out and Melissa is left scarred.  Two years later, Melissa, her brother and mom are spending the summer at a friend's cottage. There Melissa meets Alice and, although she is embarrassed about her less-than-perfect family, Melissa learns that Alice is not what she seems, her family also less than perfect and dealing with grief in a variety of unhealthy ways.

For the Red Cedar Information Book Award, the winner is . . .

How to Build Your Own Country 
by Valerie Wyatt
Illustrated by Fred Rix
Kids Can Press
40 pp.
Ages 9-11
This "how-to" book will help readers establish their own countries, learn how to set up their governments and how to set up international relations with other countries.  All the organization needed and the knowledge of government, economics, trade and other key national endeavours are illustrated in this worthwhile book. 

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