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June 03, 2016


by Caroline Pignat
Razorbill Canada
320 pp.
Ages 12+
May 2016
Reviewed from advance reader’s copy

A whole lot can happen in one hour.  Ask those who tell Shooter’s story: Alice, Isabelle, Hogan, Noah, and Xander.  From the initial school lockdown at St. Francis Xavier High School which brings the five students barricaded together in a boys’ washroom to its dramatic, life-altering climax as the clock reads down to 00:00:00, Shooter is an unforgettable, heart-stopping story of heroes, written, read and made.
"This is real life. Not everything has a story."
Alice smiles. "But every person does."

I guess she’s right.  We all have one–even if it’s one we’d rather forget. (pg. 86)
There’s Hogan King, a hulking senior notorious for what he did to his older brother and who feels he is deservingly beyond redemption.  There’s Alice, another senior, who is an incredible writer–accepted to UBC’s prestigious Creative Writing Program–who prefers her position of invisibility which allows her to read life and care for her older autistic brother Noah. Uber-popular, egocentric and high-achieving Student Council President and go-to person for everything St. F-X, Isabelle Parks has her own issues, revealed in text messages with BFF Bri who is locked down in the office. And finally, there is the socially awkward Xander Watt, shooter of film images, who writes about himself as,
I think too much sometimes,
blurt the wrong things often, and
feel confused, always.”
(pg. 48)
How these seeemingly incongruent characters come together, and together they do come, in a complex plot of action, angst, and deliverance makes Shooter the extraordinary story that it is.  And story-telling, or rather writing, is a key foundation for Shooter.  With several of the students classmates in Writer’s Craft, it’s not surprising that elements of writing–plot, hero’s journey, characters’ fatal flaws, resolution–become part of the story. (Caroline Pignat is herself a high-school teacher of Writer’s Craft.  Lucky students.)

I can’t possibly reveal the itricacies of the story and the role of each character in its resolution.  But suffice it to say, Caroline Pignat’s brilliant writing immerses the reader in the terror of a school in genuine lockdown and the anxiety of relating to those whose differences make you uncomfortable.  Beyond the drama, and there is much, Shooter is a story of empowerment, taken and accepted and relinquished, and a formidable tale told by one of Canada’s greatest writers.

September 07, 2017

2017 Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards: Finalists announced

Today, the Canadian Children's Book Centre, our nationally-renowned authority on all things related to youngCanLit, announced the finalists for the 2017 Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards. (See their website announcement here.)

The eight major children's book awards, which will be awarded at two invitation-only galas in November, include:
  • TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award ($30,000) Sponsored by TD Bank Group;
  • Le Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse ($30,000) Sponsored by TD Bank Group;
  • Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award ($20,000) Sponsored by A. Charles Baillie;
  • Norma Fleck Award For Canadian Children's Non-Fiction ($10,000) Sponsored by the Fleck Family Foundation;
  • Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People ($5,000) Sponsored by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Bilson Endowment Fund;
  • John Spray Mystery Award ($5,000) Sponsored by John Spray of Mantis Investigation Agency;
  • Amy Mathers Teen Book Award ($5,000) Sponsored by Amy Mathers' Marathon of Books; and
  • Le Prix Harry Black de l’album jeunesse ($5,000) Sponsored by Mary Macchiusi
There is also the Fan Choice Award/Choix du public littérature jeunesse which invites young readers to to choose their favourite book from the titles shortlisted for the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award and Le Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse.  CBC in partnership with the CCBC will start launch the voting process in early October.

The 2017 awards differ from previous years in that Le Prix Harry Black is being presented for the first time and the Monica Hughes Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction is not being presented this year.

Here are the short lists for each award category, as announced by the Canadian Children's Book Centre:

TD Canadian Children's Literature Award
A Day of Signs and Wonders
Written by Kit Pearson
HarperTrophy Canada

The Skeleton Tree
Written by Iain Lawrence
Tundra Books

Tokyo Digs a Garden
Written by Jon-Erik Lappano
Illustrated byKellen Hatanaka
Groundwood books
Reviewed here

The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk
Written and illustrated by Jan Thornhill
Groundwood Books
Reviewed here

When We Were Alone
Written by David Alexander Robertson
Illustrated by Julie Flett
HighWater Books

Le Prix TD de littérature pour l'enfance et la jeunesse canadienne

Écrit par Elaine Turgeon
Illustré par Martin Laliberté
Éditions Druide

En voiture! L'Amérique en chemin de fer
Écrit et illustré par Pascal Blanchet
Éditions de la Pastèque

Même pas vrai
Écrit par Larry Tremblay
Illustré par Guillaume Perreault
Éditionas de la Bagnole

Écrit par Étienne Poirier
Éditions du soileil de minuit

Y'a pas de place chez nous
Écrit par Andrée Poulin
Illustré par Enzo Lora Mariano
Éditions Québec Amérique

Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award 

The Artist and Me
Written by Shane Peacock
Illustrated by Sophie Casson
Owlkids Books

The Darkest Dark
Written by Chris Hadfield and Kate Fillion
Illustrated by Eric Fan and Terry Fan
Tundra Books

I Am Not a Number
Written by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer
Illustrated by Gillian Newland
Second Story Press
Reviewed here

The Snow Knows
Written by Jennifer McGrath
Illustrated by Josée Bisaillon
Nimbus Publishing
Reviewed here

We Found a Hat
Written and illustrated by Jon Klassen
Candlewick Press

Norma Fleck Award For Canadian Children's Non-Fiction

Canada Year by Year
Written by Elizabeth MacLeod
Illustrated by Sydney Smith
Kids Can Press
Fight to Learn: The Struggle to go to School
Written by Laura Scandiffio
Annick Press

Level the Playing Field: The Past, Present and Future of Women's Pro Sports
Written by Kristina Rutherford
Owlkids Books

The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk
Written and illustrated by Jan Thornhill
Groundwood Books
Reviewed here

Water Wow! An Infographic Exploration
Written by Antonia Banyard and Paula Ayer
Illustrated by Belle Wuthrich
Annick Press

Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People 

Every Hidden Thing
Written by Kenneth Oppel
HarperCollins Publishers

Freedom's Just Another Word
Written by Caroline Stellings
Second Story Press
Reviewed here
Heart of a Champion
Written by Ellen Schwartz
Tundra Books

Mark of the Plague (Blackthorn Key, Book 2)
Written by Kevin Sands

When Morning Comes
Written by Arushi Raina
Tradewind Books

John Spray Mystery Award

The Dark Missions of Edgar Brim

Written by Shane Peacock
Tundra Books

Howard Wallace, P.I.
Written by Casey Lyall
Sterling Children's Books

The Road to Ever After
Written by Moira Young
Doubleday Canada

Written by Caroline Pignat
Razorbill Canada
Reviewed here

Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard (The Continuing Adventures of Peter Nimble, Book 2)
Written by Jonathan Auxier
Puffin Canada

Amy Mathers Teen Book Award

Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Written by E. K. Johnston
Dutton Books
Reviewed here
Girl Mans Up 
Written by M-E Girard

Julia Vanishes
Written by Catherine Egan
Doubleday Canada
Reviewed here
Written by Carline Pignat
Razorbill Canada
Reviewed here

With Malice
Written by Eileen Cook
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Reviewed here

Prix Harry Black de l'album jeunesse

Au-delà de la forêt
Écrit par Nadine Robert
Illustré par Gérard DuBois
Comme des géants
Écrit et illustré par Jacques Goldstyn
Éditions de la Pastèque

Je ne suis pas ta maman
Écrit et illustré par Marianne Dubuc
Comme des géants
N'importe quoi!
Écrit et illustré par Élise Gravel
Éditions Les 400 coups

Y'a pas de place chez nous
Écrit par Andrée Poulin
Illustré par Enzo Lora Mariano
Éditions Québec Amérique

Hosted by the Canadian Children's Book Centre and TD Bank Group, the Canadian Children's Literature Awards will celebrate great Canadian children's books and present the winners of the awards on the evenings of November 8, 2017 and November 21, 2017 in Montreal and Toronto, respectively.

June 05, 2018

Caroline Pignat speaks at Ottawa Children's Literature Roundtable (Ottawa)

Caroline Pignat

author of

multiple award-winning books

 Egghead (Red Deer Press, 2007)
Greener Grass (Red Deer Press, 2008)
Wild Geese (Red Deer Press, 2010)
Timber Wolf (Red Deer Press, 2011)
Unspeakable (Razorbill, 2014)
The Gospel Truth (Red Deer Press, 2014)
Shooter (Razorbill, 2016)

including two Governor General's Literature Awards 
for Children's Text

will speak 


The Ottawa Children's Literature Roundtable


The Power of Story


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

7 p.m.

Ottawa Public Library- Sunnyside Branch
1049 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON